Reading response #7

What would happen if the main character became invisible? 

Thora, the healer in town. Kidnapped by the devil in town, and freed by a slave. Now she and the slave both love each other. If she becomes invisible, then the slave will have no company. And the other slaves will not be able to meet such a good helper on board. Half of the horses on board will have to die because of seasick. The slave will not achieve destiny. This girl is very useful to his book, and to the slave. She is 15 winters old, and yet so skilled. It’s rare to get someone like that in lives. So everyone there treasures her so precisely that if they find out that Thora was missing, they’d probably curse themselves to death. Especially the slave since he loves her and they’re so alike. They had both lost their families, and needed someone to care for him. He is only 23 winters old.

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  1. Very descriptive and awesome. Keep up the good work! Though I suggest next time you double-check your spelling and grammar, and maybe a little bit of background info on what’s going on this story.

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